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First Post // 25 Facts

First Post // 25 Facts

Ah, unknown territory! Welcome to The Lifestyle Blog. My name is Nikki.  

This is a platform for sharing all things... Lifestyle! Pretty self explanatory. A huge thanks to squarespace for making this possible. Let's start off with something simple to get to know each other! 


25 Facts About Me: 

1: I'm from New Zealand! 

2: I'm 21 years old

3: I'm obsessed with Michael Bublé 

4: I hate Coca Cola! 

5: I've broken my nose 3 times

6: Twitter is my favourite social media. (@NikkiDazz ...heyyooo!)

7: I'm obsessed with reading the News/Any Current Events

8: I can't stand Rock music.

9: My favourite song right now is My Church by Marin Morris

10: I'm a person with fewer, but very deep relationships. I like knowing people in depth. 

11: I freak out when people touch my neck

12: I can't go a day without coffee

13: I can't pronounce the word 'Supermarket' properly

14: I cannot roll my tongue, the rest of my family can

15: When I was younger, I used to call every elderly woman I saw 'Nana'

16: I grew up in the country, but now I live in the city. 

17: I see myself as quite fearless when it comes to heights, rides, bungy jumping etc. There's not much I wouldn't do.

18: I think about travelling every day

19: As a career I want to be a News Anchor/Reporter

20: I love road trips so so much. 

21: I have two cats who are my babies- Bosco and Morris. 

22: I want another cat

23: The only thing that really gets me annoyed is unkindness/Judgement

24: I'm an Aquarius, but that doesn't really mean anything to me

25: My favourite colour is purple, but it looks awful on me


Hopefully you learnt something about me. Let me know a few things about you!! 

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