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The Value Of Time //

The Value Of Time //

Get this:-

It was a Thursday afternoon at 1pm, and there I sat in my car,  out of petrol, with no money until pay came through (the student struggle of living week-to-week is so real), and a to-do list full of unchecked boxes. YIKES! I kept thinking to myself, I can’t believe this is happening when I have SO much to be done. This CANNOT be real.

Let’s back up though…

Two hours earlier, I received a phone call from a longtime friend who moved away. This person was on my heart for a week, and when she called, I knew I should answer. So, I picked up the phone and hopped outside. What I thought would be a quick phone catch-up, turned into a two hour conversation about faith and ministry. Those ninety minutes brought me encouragement, confidence and a new passion for my calling.

It was worth every minute.

After our call, I was completely filled with the joy and affirmation of God. I jumped back into the car ready to go get some more work done but to my surprise, it was out of petrol... shocker. I got back out and stood in the grass, looking around as I panic-gulped an entire bottle of water. My parents would not be back in town until the evening, so that meant I wasn’t going to call anybody to ask for help… (Pride much!) So, I decided to call my friend who I knew lived close by, not to ask for anything but to just see if she wanted to catch up seeing as I was in the area, and evidently had a bit of time- whether I liked it or not. She brought me to her home, offered me food, water and a drawing pad.

Three hours of interruption shifted my day and my heart.

God interrupted me in my tracks, without enough time to consider what is important. My days success didn’t come in the form of crossing off my to do list. Instead, it was a purposeful reminder of why I do what I do, and an added bonus time to rest with a friend.

It was simple as a phone conversation, a friend, and a drawing pad.

And a whole lot of time. Thank you, Jesus.

This got me thinking;
Do you ever consider how you spend your TIME?

One of my favourite things about Jesus is time management, and by that I mean this – Jesus ALWAYS had time for the one. People pulled, asked and begged for His time. Crowds were waiting on him and yet, he had time for the right person/people at the right time. Jesus had TIME for the things that were important to Him in the kingdom.

There are very few people who walk earth and are intentionally not worried about time. I mean, genuinely stop to make time for any human in their tracks. I can think of two, and no, that’s not including myself. These people are beautiful representations of Jesus. Why? They walk through their days with His view of time – always stopping for the things that pull on their hearts, and opportunities to show the love of God. They allow themselves to be interrupted. They create space and room in their lives for God to move. They trust their time is spent well serving Him.

When I think back to that afternoon, I see how I desperately I need God to interrupt my daily plan. Looking closer at my own life, I often catch myself saying “I don’t have time for that.” Sound familiar?

There have been seasons in my life when TIME, that word alone, ruled my whole world and how I treated people. As I’ve matured, and believe me, I have a long way to go, God has softened my heart for the people around me. He started to interrupt my daily plans with people and conversations. And you know what, I had to ASK him to do that. The moment I began to look, my eyes were opened slowly to the amount of moments he gives us to encourage people, listen to people, love people well.


Only when I opened my eyes to the value of time did I notice how unaware of this fact a lot of us are. It is evident to others if you are feeling rushed- and it is easy in those moments for others to feel like they are unworthy of our time. Jesus always has time for us- and we need to always have time for His people. I believe we can love people well when we honour them with our time.

This also goes hand in hand with honouring people’s time. None of us have more hours in the day. So, if you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time- be there. If you make plans with someone, honour those plans. None of us want to be that guy who values our own time over others’. All of these steps enable us to love others well and be a little more kingdom minded.

The number of minutes spent doesn’t necessarily matter, but a present heart and encouraging spirit can change people. For those of you who are sitting in a stressful or demanding season, my encouragement for you is to first breathe, and go easy on yourself. Then ask God to shape your view of time.

In Mark 1:16-34, it says that Jesus calls out the disciples to follow Him. I wonder what our days would look like if we say – “Jesus, I’m trusting you with my time today. I want to follow you.”

My hope is that you are encouraged to surrender your schedules, plans, expectations and commitments surrounding time, and allow God to transform your view of what you have time for. That afternoon with an empty fuel tank was actually a gift.

Here’s what I learned from that afternoon:

  1. Our time is not our own. It’s God’s time. We are his disciples, so are you going to make the most of His time during your day?

  1. Our time is not about the minutes. Time is most impactful when our minds are present – whether that’s five minutes or five months. Don’t focus on the minutes. Be present.

  2. Our lives should allow for interruptions.  Ask God to interrupt you every day and He will surprise you!

Happy February friends.

Love, N. x

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