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Standing Up To Fear //

Standing Up To Fear //

What's up friends- happy MARCH! Can you believe how fast this year is going already?!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about fear. The past month I have been so swamped. Life has been chaos. And along with this chaos, I have noticed a lot of fear.
Fear of things not working out the way I planned them to, fear of giving people the wrong advice, fear of being a bad friend to others in the midst of my own chaos, and fear that I won't achieve things to the best of my own ability.

I could continue with that list of fears i've had all day long. You see- along with any kind of emotion can so easily come fear. So standing up to fear actually goes a lot deeper than the fear itself... but the root of your fear. 

I used to wake up sometimes and my fear was simple- fearing that someone would see me- all messy haired, no makeup, looking like I was dragged through a bush. That fear stemmed from my low self confidence and worth- and even went a little deeper than that... I used to look in the mirror and just cry because I didn't like what I saw. I believed so many lies fed to me- and even believed the lie that all other people saw me the way that I saw myself.


I cannot sit here today and tell you that I do not still, on occasion, sometimes allow those emotions to enslave me. Sometimes, though, my fear is just a bi-product of these emotions. Fear is a liar.. we've all heard it a million times before. I have no problem standing up to that fear, and telling it to leave me alone in Jesus' name. But I also make sure to understand WHY I was fearing in the first place, and to put the comfort of God in the place of fear. So then, the next time I fear in moments like that- it will bring me back to this. And the moment I overcame it. 

The biggest vitality in all of these moments is to trust God while you're still afraid. You see, often your peace is waiting for you on the other side of trust. I’ve had a lot of experiences where God met me once I stared down my fear, pushed through it, and did what I needed to do. Cos friend- sometimes it ain't gotta change straight away. 

When we’re afraid, we have a tendency to pray and ask God for peace before we’ll step out and do what frightens us. But most of the time, we simply need to move forward.. so, like I said- knowing why you fear in the first place. Start there. Once we break through the fear, God gives us the most amazing sense of peace—but usually not while we’re still deciding whether to conquer it or not. 

In the last few weeks life has thrown me curveball after curveball. One of those was that I was dealing with something super confidential and couldn't talk to anyone about it. I was living as a reactor- living out of triggers from everything. Fear everywhere. I kept asking God when my peace was going to come, as if I had set a stopwatch, and then suddenly decided the time was up and it was time for peace to come. Like, helllooooo.. God? I've decided it's now time for you to give me peace. How crazy does that sound?! A lot of us think like this without realising it.

A great thing to learn from this is that if you’re waiting for a sense of peace to come so you can deal with your fear, you could be waiting a long time. Like me. (We've all done it- no shame) If you will be brave and march straight into that fearful situation, having faith that God will bring you through it, that’s probably where you’ll find the peace you’re looking for.

Here's a question to ask yourself: How many thoughts of fear consume your mind? On a scale of one to ten, with ten being off-the-charts high, how fearful would you say you are? Why?

Here's a challenge: I challenge you to name your fears. The first step to moving beyond fear is to know specifically what you are afraid of. So, go ahead— make a list of your fears on paper or in your phone. You could even share them with somebody and have them pray over them with you if you're comfortable.

Here's a little encouragement: Once you get to the other side of fear, once you’ve had that break- through you need, you’ll look back on the things you were once afraid of and ask yourself, “Why was I so scared of that?” Yep- you’ll have the ability to laugh at your fears. It'll be like a breath of fresh air.

Not sure where to start? 

Here's how you can pray: Lord, help me identify what I’m afraid of, and show me how You are bigger and greater than that. Give me security and safety through the truth of your Word.


Fearlessness feels a lot like freedom. Freedom is great. 

Hope this gave you some encouragement today!
LOVE, N. x

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