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Let's make one thing clear- I am definitely not a morning person.  So, waking up early on a Sunday morning, and getting out of my warm, cosy bed is nothing short of a challenge. 

Even so- I still continue to do it. I still get up, show up, and put my heart into serving Him and His church.  

Let me tell you WHY.


Like anything in life, serving can so easily and sometimes subconsciously become so routine that we forget the reason we are serving in the first place. Once serving started to feel like this to me, the less important it was in my life and the more pressure I felt to commit. Following and serving Christ in a local church is a truly great thing, until serving begins to feel less about God and more about the logistics of it. I cannot count how many times this has happened for me, but each time has lead me to step back for a moment and reevaluate my personal views and reasons why I began in the first place. 


As humans, living in our own little world, it is so easy for us to lose sight of God's desire for the church and people in the church. I definitely used to proclaim "it doesn't matter if I go to church or not this week, it doesn't make me any less of a Christian if I don't".. and although this may hold some partial truth, The bible tells us- to put it bluntly- that this is simply not the way God wants it to be. Matthew 18:20 outlines the power that comes from Gods people gathering in numbers. There is significance in people gathering with the intent of worshipping Him. Hebrews 10:24-25 outlines the importance of meeting with and encouraging one another, and helping one another in the path toward love and good deeds. And from personal experience- I can tell you, the most revelation has happened in moments when I was gathered with other believers. We simply cannot do this by ourselves. 


MY sole reason for getting up each Sunday, showing up, giving my all, and serving in His church is this: By showing up, I am declaring that God's purposes that morning in the church and in the lives of those there, are far more important than anything else going on in my life, and definitely far more important than whether I feel like getting up early or not. His presence in people's lives are far more important than my feelings - than my being bored, busy, tired, or any other excuse that I may have thrown out before.  

I truly believe, that by putting God first in a practical way, by helping create an environment for a move of Him in others' lives, God honours this. In these times, I am attending church, not for myself, or even any other person that may expect me to be there at that time. Yes, I have commitments, but my first and foremost reason for attending is because I care about the lost people that may be in church that day. Because I am willing to lend my time and prayers in the aim of bringing people home to Him.  

OF COURSE I would be lying to you if I told you that serving was always easy. We are only human! Sometimes it is a huge struggle for me to put aside my own feelings and priorities in order to honour God's. Sometimes I am not feeling it at all. But it is SO crucial, and it doesn't only bless others, it blesses us too. 


So, whatever area you serve in- remember, God totally has you there for a reason. To be able to serve and use gifts and qualities that God has given you is SO COOL! So never downplay that. Use your gifts. Rock what He gave ya.  


I hope this blessed you! 


N x

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