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Jesus WHO?!

Jesus WHO?!


I've been thinking for a long time about starting a series on here about God. I find myself putting it off for many reasons. Some of them being for fear of what others will think of me, others being because I've already had so much hate and backlash for what I've said on the Internet in the past. Both reasons are kiiiiiind of weak.

Opinions are always going to be voiced, whether they're nice or not. But here's the thing - It's not about me! It never was, and it never will be. I have a voice, right here, to tell you what I'm learning, what I know and what I'm yet to learn.

If this kind of post isn't for you, that's cool! I'll see you back here next week for a different post more suited to you.  

So, lately I've been thinking on my 'purpose'. What it is, what it means to me, how I plan to fulfil that purpose. Deep! But equally exciting and challenging. I LOVE creating content for you guys whether it's a fun Sunday afternoon craft, or a Q&A. But I'd be completely avoiding my purpose if I did not say right here and now that NOTHING I do will ever make sense or be of use unless it is for Christ. 

I was giving a teenage boy advice on Twitter the other day, and he asked me, "why would you even want to help someone like me?"  

Well, here's the thing, kid. I'm just the messenger. God speaks to you in ways He knows you'll listen, and that day, I just happened to be it. Call me a bible basher, call me what you will, but you cannot deny how COOL that is... Amirite?!?!?! So here I am, stepping back from my platform for a second to give credit where credit is WAY overdue. I'm nothing but a human walking this Earth just like you. It really does make my day when I hear "You saved my life" or "You inspired me to do this", but dude, it's not me in those moments... It's God! He sees you in that place of distress and need. He met you there. You may not have seen it at the time, but you will. The way He works is nothing short of a miracle. 

So, right now, THIS is my purpose. I'm just a little person with a lot of love for Christ and I really feel like I'm on the Internet as a whole to give you all a little taste of the love of our AMAZING GOD, because trust me, you'll be wanting more in no time, and I'm always more than happy to talk about Him.  

This is just a little cluster of thoughts and a taster for what more is to come on this journey. But it starts right here, and I invite you to come along with me!  


If you have any questions or requests, as always, my DMs are open on Twitter (NikkiDazz) 

See you next time :D

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