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Lip Products Worth Obsessing Over!

Lip Products Worth Obsessing Over!

As we transition into the beautiful October warmth, it's the time of the year when we start staying out longer in the evening, and A long-wearing lippy is a MUST in my daily bag. I'm bringing out the summery nudes and pinks into my daily look while also trying to tie the occasional dark maroon into my outfit every now and again. All of these are my ULTIMATE faves right now... Let's check em out!


1: MAC Honeylove  is my spring & summer everyday go to! Honeylove is the perfect tone of light beige with a dash of rose. I adore how matte it appears yet how creamy it feels. Cannot brag enough about this product! 



2: Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Leo is the ONLY darker shade I will wear. Period. Using a lip liner with darker colours is a dream, especially with this stunning deep burgundy. The liquid matte lipstick is more pigmented than I have ever found in another product- for that alone I was hooked from the get go!!! I love wearing Leo on a night out as it doesn't require a lot of reapplication throughout the night. What a dream! 


3: Kylie Lip Kit in the shade KoKo K is a secret weapon to say the least. The creamy texture and long-wearing formula allows me to apply this early in the day and forget about it. I check back later in the day and usually do not need to reapply! It smells like vanilla treats, and, like the Leo Lip Kit, highly pigmented!! Love love looooooove!



4: Antipodes Organic Lip Balm - I was unsure if I wanted to include this as it's not a colour or anything like the other products I've mentioned, however I've opted to include it because I use this multiple times a day.. and I know you guys have heard me talk about how much I love it before!! This lip balm leaves my lips feeling incredibly soft and healthy and an added bonus is that it's a New Zealand made product. It's great to support local businesses- especially when they sell such high quality products! I'm an avid fan of all Antipodes products- highly recommend! 



5: MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in the shade 'Reddy to Go'  When I bought this, I really was not a fan of it. I bought it on a whim because I was recommended it, and never touched it again. I recently tried it again, and it's been in my bag since. This lipstick pencil gives a beautifully pigmented vivid colour in an easy to apply mechanical pencil... We all love not having to sharpen lip products!!!! Although a bright colour like this throws me right out of my comfort zone, wearing it is equally as liberating as it is nerve wracking! I never regret wearing this beaut! 



6: Benefit Lolli Balm ....My trusty tinted lip balm that I apply in the car when I'm late! I first got this product in a mini size with a set, but once I discovered how essential this is to my makeup collection (definite staple!) I had to get a full-sized! I usually have trouble finding a tinted balm that goes with my fair skin, but Lolli Balm provided! An added bonus is the intense hydration this wee baby gives! 



That concludes my lip product obsessions for this time! I hope my recommendations & reviews are helpful to you, and that you enjoyed this post! Feel free to let me know which lip products you're loving lately, and let me know what you'd like to see on this blog!  


 Big Love!!! N x

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